The Transcreation Process: A Stepy by Step Guide

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Transcreation is a combination of translation and copywriting best suited for marketing and advertising copy. Emotive and intended to trigger a reaction from the target audience, it uses actionable words, vivid vocabulary and a wealth of culturally adapted idioms, metaphors, colloquialisms and figurative expressions.

The transcreation process is highly time-intensive, consisting of:

  • The discovery phase: the original message is analyzed with the help of a brief.
  • The creative writing phase: a team of linguists works together to produce different options.
  • The selection phase: the transcreated ideas are reviewed against design elements and selected for submission.
  • The submission phase: two to three alternative solutions are submitted to the client together with their backtranslations and rationale.

The end-product explains the creative choices of the transcreation team to help clients make an informed decision on which option to choose. Previously agreed-upon product and corporate terminology is always observed.

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