New location in the US: we have great neighbors!

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The GalleriaWe have many things we need to catch up on, including our blog.  It’s been very busy the last two or three months and, sadly, the blog was neglected.Beautyterm has undergone a series of exciting new developments that we cannot wait to share.  One of them was our move to a new US office that we absolutely love.  Located downtown Fairfield (CT), The Galleria building houses many different businesses, including three restaurants (one all-American and two French!).  This means that appetizing aromas are always wafting from their kitchens and sneaking in through the gap under the door!  Enough to walk around hungry all day long!

Then we also have a yoga studio (, interior design boutique called Lions Paw & Company ( and the She3 Well-Fitness Studio that offers women’s health workshops teaching them about living healthier, staying fit, and how to make better choices in life.

But that’s not all!  The Jan Van Gorder commercial photography studio is on the other side of the wall from us ( and the Chase Driving School just down the hall.  And last but not least, I must mention the wonderful Villari’s martial arts studio run by Sensei Jerry and Nancy Simon, whom my youngest daughter absolutely adores!

Could not have found a better location!

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