The benefits of attending trade shows

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Fresh from visiting September’s Beyond Beauty, by far the best event for the cosmetic industry, we decided to ask ourselves about the benefits of attending trade shows.

Just like any other professional group, translators gather at conventions and conferences that deal with the art and craft of translation. But those who want to keep a competitive edge over their peers will specialize in a specific industry and also find the time to attend trade shows in their area of specialty.

Apart from generating leads, there is one very important reason for this.
===> Attending trade shows expands your knowledge. For example, the beauty industry is always evolving.

New products hit the shelves in the stores daily, but trade shows are a great opportunity to see new concepts and ideas in action.  You can talk to the people involved in the making of those products, instead of just staring at a static picture.  You can test, touch, and feel, and most importantly ask questions.

Translators thrive when they are given context and making the rounds at trade shows is one way to get a global snapshot of an entire industry and store information in your mind for future use.

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