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Beautyterm LLC unveils a new website and logo

Beautyterm LLC, agence spécialisée dans le conseil en communication multilingue et services de traduction exclusivement dédiées au domaine de la beauté et des cosmétiques, dévoile un nouveau logo et un nouveau site Web


By Agnes Meilhac

[August 10, 2013]

Paris, France – Beautyterm LLC is pleased to announce the launch of its new website in French: beautélogie.fr.  A registered trademark in France, Beautélogie marks Beautyerm’s commitment to bring innovative translation and multilingual communication solutions to the French cosmetics and beauty market.

Adding a touch of flair to the company’s marketing strategy in Europe, Beautélogie will operate under the umbrella of Beautyterm in the United States, offering a full range of translation, linguistic and cultural consulting, copywriting, multilingual content adaptation, product name development and page layout services tailored specifically to the beauty industry.

Why the new name?  Why Beautélogie?  Because we wanted to flaunt all the beauty, passion and creativity that go into our work while, at the same time, stressing the fact that what we do is a science, a field, a branch of knowledge in its own right…

We pride ourselves in being different from all other service providers.  When you deal with Beautyterm, you deal directly with the linguists working on your projects – skilled, highly educated language professionals with comprehensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the beauty industry

About Beautyterm LLC

Beautyterm LLC is a full-service multilingual communications and translation consulting boutique specializing exclusively in the personal care and cosmetics industry.

With a solid activity base in Paris and New York, the world’s undisputed beauty capitals, Beautyterm LLC is the brainchild of two veteran linguists, Agnes Meilhac and Joann Phelps, who use a unique approach to international marketing communications founded on two decades of experience.

The company offers services in a wide range of world languages. For more information, please visit http://www.beautyterm.com/ or http://www.beautelogie.fr/ (in French).


To learn more about our new strategy in France, please contact

Agnes Meilhac,
Office: (203) 550-6548


Mondial Spa & Beauté 2013

This year once again we were doing the rounds of Mondial Spa & Beauté, saying hello to old friends, making new connections and admiring a myriad of products on display.

 The event, which took place at La Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris, from March 9th to 11th, attracted some of the best-known brands and cosmetic laboratories, spa and beauty equipment manufacturers, training centers and well-being and beauty specialists from France and abroad.

mondial spa beaute Collage 2


Beauty Insiders’ Choice Awards Product Demo 2013

BeFunky B Insiders Product Demo 2013 Collage
How can anyone pick a favorite form the mass of innovations presented at the Beauty Insiders’ Choice Awards Product Demo?  It’s next to IMPOSSIBLE.  Everywhere I turned, there was a flood of attention-grabbing new designs and new product concepts from brands big and small.  All I could really do is weave my way through the throngs of beautifully clad women, hungrily eyeballing row after row of tables laden with products of all sizes and shapes.

At the annually hosted event, Cosmetic Executive Women (or CEW) members vote on their favorite products in 32 categories from hair care to fragrance to skincare and makeup. This year, hundreds of brands showed off more than 600 innovations to over 2,000 members, competing for the coveted CEW seal of approval.  Final votes will be cast by March 20 and the winners announced on May 17 at the annual Beauty Awards Luncheon held at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City.

The products included everything from lip hybrids offering lip color and moisture, anti-aging hair care, skin volumizers, BB creams and much more.  I must say the goodie bag was AMAZING.  My favorite loot?  The Ernst & Young Financial Factbook for Luxury and Cosmetics.  I was able to grab a copy off their table and it has been fascinating reading ever since…

BeFunky_Luxury and Cosmetics E&Y Financial Report IMG.jpg

Showing off

So we want to show off a little…  One of our favorite French companies, Académie Scientifique de Beauté, has a wonderful Facebook page, which we immediately liked.  The page is well designed, interactive and regularly updated and maintained.  But we did find a curious little oddity.  The French-language updates are followed by Bing-translator generated English translations.  Sometimes, there are two or three different versions, some better than others, which made us think that maybe somebody was trying to “clean them up”…

Whatever the case, we thought this was a great way to show how automatic translation simply does not work…  Especially when the ultimate goal is to sell a product, in which case you need flair and imagination and a certain way with language to make it all sound GOOD.

Take a look:


Notre remède anti-peau sèche !

A tout âge, la peau peut afficher des signes de déshydratation, de sécheresse, s’irriter, s’abîmer… C’est pourquoi, il est toujours nécessaire de non seulement réhydrater la peau mais également de la nourrir pour qu’elle fonctionne à nouveau comme une barrière protectrice. Notre conseil d’expert : le “Soin Thermo-Actif” doublé de notre concentré d’actif “Gelée Royale” ! Un duo de choc qui va nourrir en profondeur votre peau et rétablir sa protection naturelle pour affronter les derniers jours de l’hiver.

Translation #1

Our anti-dry skin cure!

At any age, the skin may show signs of dehydration, dryness, irritation… This is why it is always necessary to not only moisturize the skin but also nourish it to restructure its protective barrier. Our expert advice: the “Thermo-Active Cabin Treatment” coupled with our “Royal Jelly” ampoule! A duo that will nourish your skin thoroughly and restore its natural protection to face the last days of winter.

Translation #2

Our anti-nuclear remedy dry!

At any age, the skin may show signs of dehydration, dryness, become irritated, damaged… For this reason, it is always necessary to not only rehydrate the skin but also the feed to make it work again as a protective barrier. Our expert advice: the “care Thermo-active” doubled our assets concentrate “Royal jelly”! A duo of shock which will feed in depth your skin and restore its natural protection to face the last days of the winter.

Translation #3

Our anti-dry skin cure!

At any age, the skin may show signs of dehydration, dryness, irritation… This is why it is always necessary to not only moisturize the skin but also nourish it to restructure its protective barrier. Our expert advice: the ‘Thermo-Active Cabin Treatment”coupled with our”Royal Jelly”bulb! A duo that will nourish your skin thoroughly and restore its natural protection to face the last days of winter. (Translated by Bing)  http://on.fb.me/Y7mhr7


Our cure for dry skin!

The skin may show signs of dehydration, dryness, irritation and damage at any age.   To help restore its protective barrier functions, it is hence always necessary to provide it with not just moisture but also nutrition. Our expert advice: combine our “Thermo Active Treatment” with our active “Royal Jelly” concentrate!  A powerful duo that will nourish your skin deep-down and rebuild its natural protection to brace it against the last days of winter.

Newsletter update!

news 1 a

Hard to believe but February is almost over.  It seems that we sent out our monthly newsletter only yesterday and yet it has been over three weeks.  So with much delay we are now FINALLY posting a link to the archived version, which you will find below.


The topic:  “What is perfection in translation?”  We give our take on service providers who promise so-called “perfect translations” and our view of perfection in grammar…  Can it be done?  Is it something you can expect?  Read our newsletter to find out (click on the link below).

Beautyterm Ezine February 2013

Resist the temptation!

We found an amusing example that shows the importance of resisting the temptation of using your phrase-book knowledge of a foreign language to translate anything business-related, like for example a company name!  Here we have a pet grooming boutique whose owners must have wanted to appear clever and presumably also sophisticated, unfortunately achieving the opposite result.  [Explanation for those who do not speak French: instead of a “little pet store”, they had a “little fart store”.]

BeFunky_Les petits pets 2

The American Translators Association has a very helpful guide to buying translation services called Translation, Getting It Right. It can be easily downloaded from the ATA website.

The brochure was originally developed by former ATA Public Relations Committee Co-Chair Chris Durban for the U.K.’s Institute of Translation and Interpreting.  It is now also available in number of languages other than English (French, Italian, German, Dutch, Czech).

Back at the Sorbonne

Another amazing newsflash for Beautyterm has to do with Joann.  She is back at the Sorbonne teaching business English to third-year pre-Master’s students in marketing, management and finance.  Jo has four classes with an average of 25 students per class.  She is having a fabulous time with them, enjoying getting back into the Sorbonne vibe.  You will find her there on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Cosmetagora 2013

Cosmetagora2smallJoann attended Cosmetagora 2013 on January 15th.  A two-day Health & Beauty trade show and event,  Cosmetagora was held in Paris, Espace Champerret, and organized by Societe Francaise De Cosmetologie. In the past few years, it has become one of the most important trade fairs for cosmetic ingredients, providing a platform – particularly for small and medium-sized companies – to present latest trends and products.  We are pleased to say that we met a new client from Spain and have had many more inquiries about our services!