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Saks Fifth Avenue and Japanese skincare leader Kosé Corporation team up to launch a new line of luxury skin care and color products under an exclusive distribution agreement.

Decorté is considered to be one of Asia’s best-kept skin care secrets. The brand combines ancient practices of Eastern medicine and technological innovation to produce revolutionary products based on nature, wisdom and advanced science.

Decorté will be available in Saks locations throughout the US and Canada, as well as on its website, starting in the spring of 2016. Supermodel Kate Moss will be a brand ambassador and the face of Decorté under a long-term partnership.

Kate Moss for Decorte

MEET OUR CLIENT: Rose-Marie Swift of RMS Beauty


Fortune Magazine picks the most admired businesses mostly on healthy financials and stock performance. Forbes says that the most admired qualities in business leaders include a strong vision, innovation, persistence and excellent ethics.

rose marie_finalOf course everyone has their own standards. We, for one, are big fans of day-to-day kindness and considerateness. In that department, celebrity make-up artist Rose-Marie Swift of RMS Beauty is our top winner. She definitely takes the cake when it comes to simple, unadulterated human interaction with people that work for her. And she has an extremely interesting story.

Rose-Marie has been a make-up artist for over 20 years. Her work has been featured in every major beauty magazine from Vogue, W, Harper’s, Numero, Interview, to Elle. Her make-up has appeared in ads for dozens of campaigns including Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Thierry Mugler, The Gap and Victoria’s Secret. She has worked with the biggest names in the industry including Gisele, Miranda Kerr, Milla Jovovich, Mario Sorrenti, Hedi Slimane and Terry Richardson.

Rose-Marie was originally a musician, the lead singer of a punk band called Insects, who were backing up the Ramones. She needed money to buy a microphone and ended up getting a gig doing stage makeup. One job lead to another and, eventually in 2004, Rose-Marie started a website called BeautyTruth, which generated a lot of press and even more work. People were asking for her opinion, many wanting to know what she thought about natural makeup brands. This is when Rose-Marie started playing around making her own formulations and experimenting with the models she worked for.

beauty oil lip2cheek_final

RMS Beauty is an all-natural, raw-coconut-oil-based brand that carries one of the best face highlighters of all time, the luminzer. The line was launched at the end of 2008 with 18 products — 6 eyeshadows, 6 lip-to-cheek, 3 Un Cover Ups, 2 lip balms, and the luminizer.


Needless to say Rose-Marie is a very busy and highly successful businesswoman but she never forgets to be as kind and considerate as ever. She is living proof that you can be hobnobbing with celebrities and remain a “real mensch”. We love working with you Rose-Marie! xoxoxoxox


indeed products in circle

Praised for its innovation and purse-friendly price point, Canada-based Indeed Laboratories is a drugstore-sold brand specializing in anti-aging-themed products intended to make skin look camera-ready. Since launching only a few years ago, it has been steadily building momentum and growing a loyal following.

The company aims to address skin care concerns by targeting optimal, cutting edge ingredients, using only extremely high concentrations of the rarest and most effective actives from clinical laboratories in Switzerland, Spain, France and the US.



Occasionally we will work for a client indirectly, most commonly via a communication agency.  Retrouvé is one of those clients.

Retrouvé’s creator Jami Morse Heidegger, third-generation heiress to the Kiehl’s fortune, continued to innovate after the family business was acquired by L’Oréal in 2001.


Click on image to read about JMH


The science behind Retrouvé, developed in the family laboratory in Malibu, is the same as that in Kiehl’s products. The superluxurious skincare formulas focus on protecting, nourishing and restoring vitality to the skin.

We are thrilled that this upscale skincare line is well on its way to gaining a cult following on both sides of the Atlantic.

MEET OUR CLIENT: Opale Laboratoires Monaco

Visuel-opale-labo copie

Opale Laboratoires Monaco offers unique secrets of nature in an exquisite range of skincare products. Designed to promote the lifestyle of Monaco throughout the world and to celebrate women who strive for excellence and authenticity, the Opale collection consists entirely of natural and organic ingredients.

Founders Pierre and Gregory Dewerpe achieved their vision in a purely natural way that brings together beauty, excellence and innovation – with absolutely no synthetic additives, silicone, mineral oils or parabens!


Beauty Talk – Dictionnaire de la parfumerie, de la cosmetologie (Bilingue Francais/Anglais – Anglais/Francais) (French Edition)

Beauty-Talk-DictionaryA great new dictionary for cosmetic translators. Read my review on Amazon.com.

“At long last – a dictionary for beauty industry translators!

Finally a specialized dictionary in an area of translation that so far has had very little bone fide research! Beauty Talk Dictionary of Perfumery, Cosmetology & Beauty Products is a relatively comprehensive (though non-exhaustive), up-to-date guide to cosmetics lingo in French and English. Intended as a quick, at-a-glance reference, it contains valuable entries divided into themes to help find concepts, related words and expressions per subject area (body, botanical ingredients, colors, essential oils, eyes, face, hair, lips, packaging, perfumes, skin, skin and sun).

Equivalents are supplemented by definitions in both languages – a wonderful source of context and inspiration – although many definitions in English seem to be rather narrow translations of their French counterparts and some lack proper punctuation. Typographical errors notwithstanding, the authors deliver a long-overdue goldmine of ideas for a sector of industry with a highly technical discipline-specific vocabulary and codified terminology.

As a professional translator specializing in beauty care, I did immediately look for my personal pet-peeve terms: décongestionner, désincruster, défatiguer, dégonfler, désengorger and drainer! I did not find them all but I still think that this dictionary will prove a wonderful starter glossary for the beginner and a handy lookup tool for the seasoned language expert in the field.