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#beauty20 Awards

We are pleased to share with everyone that one of our clients was named BEST BEAUTY STARTUP online 2018 by #beauty20 Awards. Congratulations COTARDE!

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The #beauty 2.0 Awards was initiated in 2013 in Paris, followed by events in 2014 & 2015 in New York, London and Los Angeles. The awards are brought to you by INNOCOS events and praising the most ground-breaking innovation in digital marketing by beauty brands.

Mark your calendars for the next INNOCOS event: June 14-15, 2018, INNOCOS World, Grand Hotel Mediterraneo, Florence, Italy!



Lorraine Massey started working in a hair salon as a teenager. As her career progressed and she cut hair in salons around the world, she realized that no one knew what to do with curly hair. Lorraine opened Devachan Salon in the chic NYC neighborhood of Soho, and curly girls began to flock to her in droves. Over time, Lorraine cultivated a team of curl-focused hair professionals, a collection of products called DevaCurl, and a massive following of curly-headed devotees.




At the end of 2013, we had the pleasure of working for an interesting forward-thinking company based in Switzerland.  We believe in their future and want to introduce them to all our contacts.

Our job for Swis&senS consisted in creating the content for a new website designed to showcase their innovation to existing and potential distributors.The company is the maker of perfume foam that comes in a combination of 6 different fragrances and properties.


The patented formula of this original prêt-à-parfumer  (ready to perfume) product offers a novel beauty routine designed to be lightly massaged into the skin and even hair for a one-of-a-kind perfume ritual.

PERFOAM “mousse de parfum” brings all the fragrance of conventional perfume in an incredibly lightweight and comfortable foam texture that feels like whipped cream against the skin.  It represents an affordable, superior-quality alternative to premium perfume products.

When writing the content for this website, we took great care to be engaging, unique as well as informative, with just the right amount of marketing punch.

Our strategy was grounded in thorough research of documentation provided by Swis&senS and online sources, followed by brainstorming ideas.  We also used a copywriting questionnaire that we developed to help us pinpoint the client’s goals and expectations.

Please visit the Perfoam site at:www.perfoam.com
Swis&senS also has another website:www.foamous.com

MEET OUR CLIENT: Institut Karité


Who says it doesn’t pay off to go to trade shows?  We’ve recently been hired by a new up and coming brand, Institut Karité – all thanks to our relentless efforts to spread the word about our services.

Many thanks to Agathe Mikaeloff, who found time to have lunch with one half of the Beautyterm team on the super chic Rue Saint Honoré!