MEET OUR CLIENT: Nuori, reinventing the concept of freshness in beauty

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Beautyterm is proud of its collaboration with Nuori, a new Scandinavian beauty brand hailing from Denmark. Founder Jasmi Bonnen, who previously worked for L’Oréal, has an approach to skincare that borrows from the world of food. She says that fresh is better and more effective:

 ‘We can offer consumers two distinct benefits: higher efficacy of ingredients and purer formulas.’

Many natural beauty brands have been in fact eagerly embracing this new philosophy.

The brand makes fresh, small batches of products every 12 weeks. The minimalist line, designed by New York agency NR2154 is stamped with two dates: a start-using-by date and an expiry date. Once products pass their dates, they are removed from the shelves and replaced with a fresh batch.

Jasmi plans to experiment with the freshness theme with a series of limited releases featuring seasonal ingredients.

Click on image to read an interview with Jasmi Bonnen

Click on image to read an interview with Jasmi Bonnen

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