MEET OUR CLIENT: Eve & Daphnée

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“Indulgent luxury that won’t cost the earth, and could help save it.”

We are proud to announce our collaboration with this exciting niche perfumer from Paris, firmly positioned at the leading edge of sustainability and the unisex fragrance trend.

Debuting with a single scent Tentation 1: Contre Lui, a fragrance for men and women, Eve & Dap1 contre luinée is conquering the world of fragrance one note at a time, while helping erase barriers between genders.

The niche perfume house celebrates sustainable luxury through its commitment to “respect mankind and the environment in order to become part of an inspiring, sustainable way of life”.

Tentation 1: Contre Lui was composed by the talented Delphine Thierry, nose behind several scents by Lubin, Masque Milano, Cloon Keen Atelier, 12 Parfumeurs Francais and most recently Malbrun extraits. It is 100% natural, created without GMOs, artificial colors, synthetic fragrance or phthalates.

Recently featured at Fashion Preview Canada, Montreal’s main fashion showcase, Eve & Daphnée is now poised to take the Scandinavian market by storm.



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