Coronavirus update

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As we battle the Coronavirus pandemic, many of us are concerned about their immediate and more distant future. Translators, copywriters and most corporate language professionals in general are fortunate to have the ability to work remotely. But their services are routinely at the front line of cost cutting when businesses feel the pinch of recession.

Beautyterm Beautelogie LLC hopes to continue supporting its network of freelance service providers. In this spirit, we are working our regular hours and beyond to accommodate existing and new clients alike. We are doing this while practicing social and physical distancing and taking all necessary precautions to remain healthy.

Please stay vigilant and take good care of your loved ones. And let us be kind to our neighbors and show empathy to those in need, disregarding the differences in each other’s political views or personal beliefs. May this crisis renew the spirit of unity and courage in our great nation.

Yours truly,

Agnes Meilhac


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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