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Beautelogie_Logo_finalBy Agnes Meilhac

April 03, 2013

Fairfield, NY – Beautyterm LLC is pleased to announce the launch of its new website in French: beauté  A registered trademark in France, Beautélogie marks Beautyerm’s commitment to bring innovative translation and multilingual communication solutions to the French cosmetics and beauty market.

Adding a touch of flair to the company’s marketing strategy in Europe, Beautélogie will operate under the umbrella of Beautyterm in the United States, offering a full range of translation, linguistic and cultural consulting, copywriting, multilingual content adaptation, product name development and page layout services tailored specifically to the beauty industry.

Why the new name?  Why Beautélogie?  Because we wanted to flaunt all the beauty, passion and creativity that go into our work while, at the same time, stressing the fact that what we do is a science, a field, a branch of knowledge in its own right…

We pride ourselves in being different from all other service providers.  When you deal with Beautyterm, you deal directly with the linguists working on your projects – skilled, highly educated language professionals with comprehensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the beauty industry

About Beautyterm LLC

Beautyterm LLC is a full-service multilingual communications and translation consulting boutique specializing exclusively in the personal care and cosmetics industry.

With a solid activity base in Paris and New York, the world’s undisputed beauty capitals, Beautyterm LLC is the brainchild of Agnes Meilhac, a veteran linguist who uses a unique approach to international marketing communications founded on two decades of experience.

The company offers services in a wide range of world languages. For more information, please visit or (in French).


To learn more about our new strategy in France, please contact

 Agnes Meilhac
Office: (203) 550-6548


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